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Current Projects
  • Denver International Airport Master Plan - subcontractor to Ricondo & Associates
  • Kodiak Airport Environmental Impact Statement (RSA Correction)
  • ACRP 02-10 Carbon Footprint - subcontractor to CDM
  • Renton Airport Sustainable Master Plan (Pilot Program)
  • Fresno Airport Sustainable Master Plan (Pilot Program)
  • Denver International Airport Sustainable Master Plan (Piliot Program)
  • ACRP 02-21 Evaluation of Airport Emissions within State Implementation Plans 
  • Milwaukee Airport Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) Grant 
  • Grand Junction Environmental Assessment Runway Relocation
  • Snohomish County Airport Environmental Assessment - Air Service
Past Projects:
  • SFO Greenhouse Gas Inventory Verification (subcontractor to Wyle Labs)
  • Aspen Pitkin County Airport:
    • Environmental Assessment for a 1,000 ft runway extension
    • Preparation of a Climate Action Plan
  • San Diego Airport Air Quality Management Plan
  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Part 150 Study
  • Willow Run Airport Part 150 Study
  • Sitka Rocky Gutteriez Airport Environmental Impact Statement (RSA Correction)

  • Port of Seattle - Aviation Division Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Aspen Pitkin County Airport Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Port of Portland Aviation Division Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • ACRP 02-06 Guidebook for Airport Greenhouse Gas Inventories
  • Portland International Airport North Runway Extension Environmental Assessment
  • Spokane International Airport Runway Extension Environmental Assessment
  • Los Angeles World Airports Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Garfield County Runway Extension Environmental Assessment
  • Dallas Love Field Terminal Modernization CatEx and General Conformity Applicability Analysis
  • Missoula Airport New Air Traffic Control Tower Air Quality Analysis